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Article: All Things Are Not Expedient
Topic: Making choices pleasing to God and good for us
Article: A Quiet And Peaceable Life
Topic: The Will of God
Article: A Rest To The People Of God (Part 1)
Topic: The law, works, and a new covenant
Article: A Rest To The People Of God (Part 2)
Topic: Israel, unbelief, and the work of God
Article: A Thorn In The Flesh
Topic: God uses painful circumstances to draw us back
Article: As One Having Authority
Topic: All authority is given unto Christ
Article: Because Of His Importunity
Topic: Praying to our Heavenly Father
Article:Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory
Topic: The one true hope of eternal life
Article: Circumcision Is That Of The Heart
Topic: Sanctification of the heart is essential
Article: Comfort One Another With These Words
Topic: The dead in Christ shall rise first
Article:Counteth The Cost
Topic: Following Christ will cost you everything
Article: Covetousness, Which Is Idolatry
Topic: Coveting is consider by God to be idolatry
Topic: What is evil, and what are we to do about it?
Article:Despise Not Thou The Chastening Of The Lord
Topic: God chastens us that we may be partakers of His holiness
Article: Everyone That Is Greedy Of Gain  (NEW)
Topic: The presence and dangers of greed in the believer
Article: Examine Yourselves, Whether Ye Be In The Faith
Topic: The evidence of true faith in Christ
Article: Faith Cometh By Hearing
Topic: Listening to those God sends to you
Article: For When I Am Weak, Then Am I Strong
Topic: Strength and healing may cause us to miss God's best
Article:Have Faith In God
Topic: Believers must believe that what God says is true
Article: He Is Despised And Rejected Of Men
Topic: The Christ-Like sufferings of believers
Article: He Must Suffer Many Things
Topic: Believers In Christ Can Expect To, And Do, Suffer
Article: Herein Is Love
Topic: Christian love and charity
Article: Hope Thou In God
Topic: Believers in Christ have hope of resurrection, eternal life, and glory
Topic: Does hell really exist, and what are its characteristics
Topic: Works of the law vs. faith in Christ
Article: I Am The Light Of The World
Topic: Revelation of the glorious gospel of Christ
Article:I Have Overcome The World
Topic: How the believer in Christ overcomes the world
Article: If Two Of You Shall Agree
Topic: Asking according to God's will
Article: If Ye Continue In The Faith
Topic: Christians can and do depart from the faith
Article:In The Last Days
Topic: Humility is essential
Article: Intended For His Glory
Topic: The true purpose of creation
Article:Judge Not, That Ye Be Not Judged
Topic: Christians are to judge righteous judgment
Article: Let There Be Light
Topic: God the Father's eternal purpose
Article: Make Merchandise Of You
Topic: The use and abuse of believers for financial profit
Article: Many False Prophets Shall Rise (Part 1)
Topic: Falseness in the Christian church
Article: Many False Prophets Shall Rise (Part 2)
Topic: Falseness in the Christian church
Topic: The presence, vanity, and danger of idolatry
Article: Not To Think Of Himself More Highly
Topic: It is essential to think soberly about others
Article:Other Fell Into Good Ground
Topic: The honest and good heart
Article: Our Conversation Is In Heaven
Topic: The future, unseen, eternal life of the believer
Article: Repent Ye, And Believe The Gospel
Topic: Unbelievers must acknowledge the truth
Article:Shall He Find Faith (Part 1)
Topic: Substance, hearing, works, and pleasing God
Article: Shall He Find Faith (Part 2)
Topic: Physical healing and the salvation of the soul
Article: Spoil You Through Philosophy And Vain Deceit  (NEW)
Topic: The dangers of psychology and counseling in the church
Article: Subjected The Same In Hope
Topic: Our hope of deliverance from corruption
Article:Suffer Me First To Go And Bury My Father
Topic: Christ and His calling must come first
Article: Suffer The Little Children To Come Unto Me
Topic: Childlike humility is what God desires and requires
Article: Supposing That Gain Is Godliness (Part 1)
Topic: Worldly vs. Godly riches and honor
Article: Supposing That Gain Is Godliness (Part 2)
Topic: True Godliness, riches, and contentment
Article:That God In All Things May Be Glorified  (NEW)
Topic: The purpose of man is to glorify God
Article: That I May Know Him (Part 1) (NEW)
Topic: What the scriptures say about knowing God
Article: That I May Know Him (Part 2)
Topic: What the scriptures say about knowing God
Article: That Ye Love One Another
Topic: God's commandment to love sacrificially
Article: The Blood Of The Covenant
Topic: Holding fast the profession of our faith
Article: The End Of The World
Topic: The end of this current world, and the return of Christ
Aticle: The Exceeding Riches Of His Grace
Topic: God's grace is manifested through the sacrifice of His Son, Christ Jesus
Article: The Excess Of Riot (Part 1)
Topic: Suffering and the lust of the flesh
Article: The Excess Of Riot (Part 2)
Topic: Drinking, eating, and idolatry
Article: The Least Of All Seeds
Topic: God used the least to glorify Himself
Article:The Perfect Law Of Liberty
Topic: The gospel of Christ fulfills the law
Article: The Pride Of Life, Is Not Of The Father
Topic: The Characteristics Of Pride, The Attitude Of God, And Attitude of Man To Pride
Article: The Promise Of The Spirit
Topic: The end result of your faith
Article: The Truth Shall Make You Free
Topic: Christian truth and freedom
Article: The Washing Of Regeneration
Topic: The baptism of being born again
Article: The Word Of The Kingdom
Topic: Not everyone is meant to accept Christ
Article:The Word Of Truth, The Gospel
Topic: The "Word" refers to the gospel, not the bible
Article: The Works Of The Flesh Are Manifest
Topic: The Envious Christian Shall Not Inherit The Kingdom Of God
Topic: God is not finished with the Jews and Israel
Article: They Are The Sons Of God
Topic: The Spirit of God adopts unbelievers into the kingdom
Article: They That Wait Upon The Lord
Topic: Our strength is renewed when we wait upon the Lord
Article: Thy Brother Was Dead, And Is Alive Again  (NEW)
Topic: We can boldly return to God when we have sinned
Article: To Steal, And To Kill, And To Destroy
Topic: False ministers are stealing, killing, and destroying
Article: Walk As Children Of Light
Topic: Holiness In Believers Results In The Praise Of The Glory Of God
Article: We Have Peace With God
Topic: Sin, death, justification, peace, and salvation
Article: We Wrestle  (LATEST)
Topic: The believer's battles in the spiritual realm
Article: What The Law Could Not Do  (NEW)
Topic: The Necessity Of The Advent And Ministry Of Christ
Article: Whosoever Is Born Of God Doth Not Commit Sin
Topic: Believers in Christ should not sin, but do
Topic: Humbly and fully allowing God to work in us
                                                           A Judeo-Christian Bible Study
"Much more then, being now
justified by his
blood, we
shall be saved
from wrath
through him"
(Rom 5:9)